Courses Offered

Courses & Trainings

The faculty and team of Surgical Unit 4, Civil hospital Karachi have been organizing and conducting hands-on ERCP Courses and Colonoscopy Courses since 2006. These courses are in collaboration with Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology and GI Endoscopy, and West Midlands School of Endoscopy, Wolverhampton, and Mersy School of Endoscopy, both which are located in the UK.

The course design, format, faculty and candidate selection, and state of art training is same as the internationally recognized and JEG accredited courses conducted in the UK. Our unit holds the exclusive honor of conducting these series of courses with the aim to promote basic and advanced endoscopy skills in the country. These courses are specifically customized to meet the training needs of fellows and postgraduates in Pakistan. The trainee selection procedure is criteria specific, with a focus on candidates with skill and experience of endoscopic procedures acquired from working in their primary Units. In order to encompass the candidates from all of the provinces, a quota system of selection has been developed with one seat for each province and one from federal capital.

Overview of Courses

Two colonscopy courses, and one ERCP course, are conducted each year.

The colonoscopy and ERCP course design includes basic concepts, skill enhancement, thorough hands-on practice on dummies and eventually on patients under one-on-one supervision and guidance of trainers and faculty picked from the internationally renowned faculty of Pakistan, UK, and USA.

Both these courses have been accredited for CME hours by PMDC, the national accreditation authority. The recognition and credibility of these courses have increased manifold not only at national but international levels as well. The feedback system and post-course audit ensure maintenance of the standard of the course.